Accredited Laboratory
for Environmental and Process Measurements

Testing Cert
Nr 329-6

Indoor Air Quality – Workplace

 Workplace measurements and Indoor air quality (IAQ) are developing into an important part of air quality issues. For industrial  workplace there are several formal requirements for measurement of the exposure to respirable dust, chemical substances, noise, vibrations etc. IAQ is not only related with industrial workplaces, where people are exposed to known potential hazards against which a number of options are available with respect to personal protection. IAQ also applies to areas inside commercial or public buildings and facilities,  where people are generally unaware of potential hazards.

ALFA MEASUREMENTS is accredited for the following workplace and IAQ tests:

  • Measurement of airborne particles (inhalable and respirable acc. to ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 481, ΕLΟΤ ΕΝ 1232, PD 307/1986, PD 77/1993 and PD 90/1999).
  • Sampling of volatile organic compounds (acc to EN ISO 16017-1:2002).
  • Determination of noise exposure (acc. to ISO 1999:1990)

ALFA MEASUREMENTS also provides full IAQ investigation campaigns including measurement of:
  • Ventilation (fresh air renewal)
  • Temperature, humidity
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Airborne particles, Ultrafine particles
  • Chemicals in aerosol forms
  • Light, noise
  • Electomagnetic fields

ALFA MEASUREMENTS is also accredited to measurement of Airborne Dust in control areas (Clean Rooms) according to ISO 14644.

For chemical analyses of samples taken, required at certain tests ALFA MEASUREMENTS co-operates with accredited chemical laboratories, such as the “TÜV SÜD Environmental Laboratories” in Germany.


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