Accredited Laboratory
for Environmental and Process Measurements

Testing Cert
Nr 329-6

Electromagnetic Fields

ALFA MEASUREMENTS offers accredited services for measurement in the vicinity of communication antennas, radio and television station antennas, mobile telephony base stations, radars, microwave wireless network stations.

The Scope of Accreditation includes measurement of high frequency E/M fields (27 MHz-3GHz) and measurement of the Electric Field Stength (acc. to Common Ministerial Decision 2300 (EFA) 493 (Hellenic Gazette 346/Β/3-3-2008) § 1-3, § 5-10 and § 4 only, the Standards ELOT EN 61566: 1999 (75 MHz – 2 GHz), CEPT ECC / REC / (02) 04 (75 MHz – 3 GHz), ELΟΤ 1422-3: 2007, Ch. 6 (75 MHz – 3 GHz).

ALFA MEASUREMENTS has a record of hundreds of  electromagnetic field measurements,  performed on behalf of national control authorities and at various industrial facilities in Greece and abroad.

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